[Ffmpeg-devel] segfault in libavcodec

jonnyufo at libero.it jonnyufo
Tue Dec 6 16:52:33 CET 2005

(forward from vlc forum)

hi to all,

i'm experiencing this problem with vlc:

i have a video playlist made of about 10 video clips in wmv2 format;
i play the playlist in loop and after about 1-2 hours vlc segfaults;
i tried with other video clips, but the problem remains the same

i'm getting the same problem with mpeg4 video clips,
but i have no problem playing mpeg2 material

i think this problem is related to the ffmpeg module, but i don't know if it's a ffmpeg bug or a vlc-ffmpeg interface

my system is a Gentoo Base System version 1.4.16

and i'm using vlc-0.8.4-test1 compiled with
[00000000] main root debug: libvlc was configured with ./configure --enable-debug --disable-mkv --enable-mozilla --with-mozilla-sdk-path=/home/jonny/mozilla/dist/sdk --with-ffmpeg-tree=/home/jonny/ffmpeg --disable-gnomevfs --disable-dvbpsi

this is a gdb backtrace

#0 0x0815770c in wmv2_mspel8_h_lowpass (dst=0xb2504960 , src=0xb045fd40 <Address 0xb045fd40 out of bounds>,
dstStride=8, srcStride=752, h=11) at dsputil.c:2490
#1 0x08157d9c in put_mspel8_mc12_c (dst=0xb1192f30, stride=752) at dsputil.c:2560
#2 0x082499b9 in ff_mspel_motion (s=0x8976af0, dest_y=0xb1192f30, ref_picture=0x8976bd4,
pix_op=0x89774c4, motion_x=0, motion_y=-31, h=16) at wmv2.c:661
#3 0x08129398 in MPV_motion (s=0x8976af0, dest_y=0xb1192f30, dest_cb=0x87f2c88, dest_cr=0x889af28,
dir=0, ref_picture=0x8976bd4, pix_op=0x89774c4, qpix_op=0x8977624) at mpegvideo.c:3313
#4 0x0811f22b in MPV_decode_mb (s=0x8976af0, block=0x876bd60) at mpegvideo.c:3769
#5 0x0824bbcd in decode_slice (s=0x8976af0) at h263dec.c:237
#6 0x0824cf26 in ff_h263_decode_frame (avctx=0x88656e0, data=0x8841390, data_size=0xb2504e64,
buf=0x890d9a0, buf_size=8834) at h263dec.c:710
#7 0x0811382c in avcodec_decode_video (avctx=0x88656e0, picture=0x8841390, got_picture_ptr=0xb2504e64,
buf=0x890d9a0, buf_size=8834) at utils.c:905
#8 0x080c1874 in DecodeVideo__ffmpeg (p_dec=0x877b820, pp_block=0xb2504e64) at video.c:504
#9 0x080a0895 in DecoderDecode (p_dec=0x877b820, p_block=0x89a3630) at src/input/decoder.c:666
#10 0x080a2095 in DecoderThread (p_dec=0x877b820) at src/input/decoder.c:488
#11 0xb7f6f937 in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
#12 0xb7eccc1a in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6

the same bug appear in vlc 0.8.2, (linux and windows environment)

thanks in advance

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