[Ffmpeg-devel] Something wrong with rate control?

Tommi Sakari Uimonen tuimonen
Tue Dec 6 15:07:38 CET 2005

> aprox. 3000kbps and encodes a lot slower. Another strange thing that happens 
> is that the video generated with the current CVS snapshot doesn't play 
> correctly in VLC (it decodes very slowly and VLC reports framerate is 600) 
> and this doesn't happen with the old snapshot. The same problems are 
> happening with another snapshot I have from 2005-11-03.

I've experienced the same with mplayer and h264 encoded files from 
cinelerra, output format was Quicktime for Linux.

Mplayer shows fps 500 or 600.

I also built cinelerra-cvs, with ffmpeg taken from cvs around beginning of 
november (the ffmpeg directory structure in cinelerra-cvs is different 
from ffmpegs' structure (I wonder why?), so I just diffed and copied the 
changed files to the cinelerra-cvs tree), but results were the same.

Also when I encode h264 files with ffmpeg (from commandline) with bitrate 
>2000kbits/s, mplayer can't play them properly, it reports that my computer 
is too slow, although it's using only about 20-30% of cpu while playing, 
and the video is very slow, audio plays fine.

Files with bitrate <1500kbps play just fine.


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