[Ffmpeg-devel] warning: first frame is no keyframe

Mat heavensdoor78
Mon Dec 5 16:14:58 CET 2005

Hi all.
I'm using libavformat in 2 applications, video encoding in MP4 [MOV] and 
video decoding in SDL (like ffplay)
When I create a video (I used output_example.c as reference) and I play 
it in ffplay all is ok.
When I play the video with my application I get the warning message:
    warning: first frame is no keyframe
and the first frames are wrong.
I used the example from a link in the FFMpeg site as reference:
because ffplay is not very easy to follow :)
So... is there a way to force the writing of a keyframe on the first frame?
How does ffplay show the first frames if there isn't a starting keyframe?!
Thanks in advance.

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