[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] assert.h cleanup

Guillaume Poirier guillaume.poirier
Mon Dec 5 16:06:55 CET 2005

Gildas Bazin wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is a patch that removes the explicit inclusion of assert.h and undef of 
> NDEBUG in a big bunch of files. assert.h is already included by common.h so 
> there isn't any need to have it included anywhere else.

Some of these hunks is just dead code removal, so I don't see how they
could be controversial :)

> This patch allows compiling the code without asserts (with the help of 
> --disable-debug) which does actually make a bit of difference in 
> performance for the h264 codec for instance.

Aren't asserts a good thing(tm) by allowing fatal errors to be caught
and prevent the library from doing stupid things?

In any case, I think that if you alias assert deactivation to disabling
debugging symbols, it's not a good idea. Now, maybe current code already
features this kind of aliasing, I don't know.


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