[Ffmpeg-devel] jump to frame

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Sat Dec 3 18:43:40 CET 2005

wojciech kosma wrote:

> hello,
> sorry for another newbie question:
> how i can jump to specific frame using ffplay?

This is not only a newbie question, but a user question; as such, it
should have been asked on ffmpeg-user instead of on ffmpeg-devel.

However, I don't think re-asking it there will do any good; frame-exact
seeking is *very* hard, and there does not appear to be any option for
it in ffplay. The best you can do is the '-ss' option (which is not in
the man page - ??), which will seek to the closest place it can to the
second you specify. This is not very useful for reaching a particular
frame, however.

       The Wanderer

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