[Ffmpeg-devel] Dr DivX OSS out with ffmpeg inside

Tim Allen tim
Fri Dec 2 05:03:57 CET 2005

Colin Ward wrote:
>   What's with the anti-VC++ vibe on this list?  Surely you would want 
> FFMPEG to be able to be compiled and run on as many systes as possible? 
>  Many people want to use VC++ and if the "fix" is small and harmless and 
> enables these people to do that, then why not?

Perhaps the FAQ entry on the subject needs to be longer :). Quick 
summary is that the VC++ compiler does not support the C standard, and 
it does not support the inline assembly used in ffmpeg.

My guess is that if someone did come up with a patch that addressed all 
the problems and wasn't too intrusive (which seems unlikely to be 
possible, but let's be hypothetical :) ), it would be accepted. But none 
of the core developers are interested in working on that, and who can 
blame them? Especially given that mingw does the job perfectly adequately.

>   OTOH, if the fix is large and nasty then I can understand not wanting 
> to apply it, but for small ones I don't see the problem.

Just so.

>   Just my 2 cents.


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