[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: mov writer appends... (qt-faststart doesn't work on MP4/3GP)

Stephane van Hardeveld s.vanhardeveld
Thu Dec 1 01:45:03 CET 2005


I might be able to obtain a draft version from 2002, don't know if it 
will work for you?


Patrick Roberts wrote:
> Hi IIya-
>>...the MOV encoder in ffmpeg places the headers
> necessary for seeking
>>and video information at the end of the file rather
> than at the
>   I'm working on a solution for this currently.  I
> have something I think will work for 2-pass encoding,
> but not yet elegantly for single pass.
>   The qt-faststart mentioned doesn't work for MP4 or
> 3GP files.  Mp4creator's -optimize flag ends up
> ripping out atoms that it doesn't think are necessary,
> and sometimes breaks playback for some devices.
>   I'm also working to add support for adding MP4/3GP
> hint tracks (required for many streaming servers). 
> Also on adding the avcC atom, which I'm not sure how
> avc1/h264 support inside MP4/3GP containers got
> included in ffmpeg, since MP4/3GP avc1 isn't supposed
> to work without a avcC block.
>   One piece of info I'm missing is the rest of the MP4
> AVC standard, specifically ISO/IEC 14496-10.  If
> anyone knows were to find similar information (other
> than source code) without paying the $200 the IEC
> wants, please let me know.
> -Pat
> --- Ilya Konstantinov <future at shiny.co.il> wrote:
>>Unlike Apple's QuickTime, Nokia's 3GP encoder etc.,
>>the MOV encoder in
>>ffmpeg places the headers necessary for seeking and
>>video information at
>>the end of the file rather than at the beginning,
>>that way making the
>>produced files less suitable for streaming. Also, I
>>suspect that this
>>fact causes 3gp files produced with ffmpeg not to
>>play on my Nokia 6230i
>>phone. I'm not sure of the later conclusion, but
>>when comparing files
>>produced by Nokia or QuickTime with ffmpeg's files,
>>ffmpeg's difference
>>seems to be in the header ordering.
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