[Ffmpeg-devel] Win32 unresolved external symbol

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Wed Aug 31 18:45:31 CEST 2005

Federico Joselevich wrote:
> a3br() {
> MB> You have to add libgcc.a to the build (mine is in 
> MB> C:\MinGW\lib\gcc-lib\mingw32\3.2)
> Ok. How do you do this? I have searched the web and readed the
> manuals and i can't realize how to include this on the make. Yes, i
> touched the config.mak to put something like
> EXTRALIBS=-lm -llibgcc

My mistake. You dont add them to the Mingw build of the lav libs, but to 
the MSVC build of your app. In MSVC7: main menu/PROJEFT/PROPERTIES. Pick 
LINKER then INPUT, then ADDITIONAL DEPENDENCIES, then the [...] box at 
the right, and add the full path to libgcc.a (or copy it when you 
install libavcodec.lib, so as not to have any mix of mingw and msvc 

Please tell me, whether it works or not, since you are de facto guinea 
pigs for the doc rewrite in question...

You could also edit your own vcproj by hand and add libgcc.a after 
libavcodec.lib and libavformat.lib. Take a backup since this is quick 
but dirty and I wont guarantee MSVC will gladly load your vcproj after that!

> (I also tried -llibgcc.a and some other versions without succeed on it).
> MB> The section "6.3.1 Native Windows Compilation" in the doc is in need of
> MB> some serious rewriting!
> I totaly agree with you :).
> F.
> }

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