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Luca Barbato lu_zero
Wed Aug 31 16:26:44 CEST 2005

Erik Br?nnlund (SA/TMS) wrote:
> Hi!
> This isn't a ffmpeg question but since this is the most knowledgable place I know, I'll ask here anyway.
> I need to choose a streamingserver to use in our testsystem.
> The server shall be able to stream
> h263
> mpeg4
> amr
> AAC+
> Enhanced AAC+
> all of this according to 3GPP specs.

feel free to join hacking on ffserver or fenice (streaming.polito.it)

To my knowledge darwinstreaming server could support everything that is
in mp4 too but I'm not so happy about its implementation. ffserver could
use an helping hand since not many people are working on it and fenice
is actively developed but just by few people to support other codecs
beside the ones that are already in the todo ( h263 is now working for
sure and amr was working/should work with minor retouches IIRC)

In short you have 3 projects that may help you depending on the
performance and stability and feature.

ffserver should work but isn't so mantained
fenice is actively mantained but may not have every feature you need.
dss status is unknown for me and I never managed to get it working, but
probably I just got lazy since the source wasn't available in a
immediate way.



Luca Barbato

Gentoo/linux Developer		Gentoo/PPC Operational Leader

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