[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: OSX linker option error

Barry Cooper cooperb
Wed Aug 31 11:24:36 CEST 2005


I am compiling on OS X 10.3.9 with an aim to producing libavcodec.so
to use in transcode.

Configuring with the following flags should do this, apparently:

     ./configure --enable-shared --enable=pthreads

However, I get the same libtool linker error as discussed in this
thread. Removing the "-d" from the LDFLAGS line in config.mak gives me
the following output:

% make
make -C libavcodec all
cc -dynamiclib -o libavcodec.so common.o utils.o mem.o allcodecs.o
mpegvideo.o jrevdct.o jfdctfst.o jfdctint.o mpegaudio.o ac3enc.o
mjpeg.o resample.o resample2.o dsputil.o motion_est.o imgconvert.o
imgresample.o mpeg12.o mpegaudiodec.o pcm.o simple_idct.o
ratecontrol.o adpcm.o eval.o dv.o error_resilience.o fft.o mdct.o
mace.o huffyuv.o cyuv.o opts.o raw.o h264.o golomb.o vp3.o asv1.o
4xm.o cabac.o ffv1.o ra144.o ra288.o vcr1.o cljr.o roqvideo.o dpcm.o
interplayvideo.o xan.o rpza.o cinepak.o msrle.o msvideo1.o vqavideo.o
idcinvideo.o adx.o rational.o faandct.o 8bps.o smc.o parser.o
flicvideo.o truemotion1.o vmdav.o lcl.o qtrle.o g726.o flac.o vp3dsp.o
integer.o h263.o h261.o msmpeg4.o h263dec.o svq1.o rv10.o wmadec.o
indeo3.o ppc/dsputil_ppc.o ppc/mpegvideo_ppc.o ppc/dsputil_altivec.o
ppc/mpegvideo_altivec.o ppc/idct_altivec.o ppc/fft_altivec.o
ppc/gmc_altivec.o ppc/fdct_altivec.o  -lz   -Wl
ld: common symbols not allowed with MH_DYLIB output format with the
-multi_module option
utils.o definition of common _first_avcodec (size 4)
dsputil.o definition of common _squareTbl (size 2048)
dsputil.o definition of common _cropTbl (size 2304)
dsputil.o definition of common _inv_zigzag_direct16 (size 128)
ppc/dsputil_ppc.o definition of common _perfdata (size 2304)
/usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
make[1]: *** [libavcodec.so] Error 1
make: *** [lib] Error 2

Any ideas? 

Barry (compiling newbie).

On Monday 11 July 2005 22:59, Steven M. Schultz wrote:
	An extraneous option (-d) crept in and causes building on OSX to fail

make -C vhook all
cc -fPIC -O3 -g -Wall -Wno-switch  -no-cpp-precomp -pipe
-fomit-frame-pointer -force_cpusubtype_ALL -Wno-sign-compare -faltivec
-I.. -I'/usr/local/src/ffmpeg' -I'/usr/local/src/ffmpeg'/libavformat
-I'/usr/local/src/ffmpeg'/libavcodec -DHAVE_AV_CONFIG_H
`freetype-config --cflags`   -c -o null.o null.c
null.c: In function 'Process':
null.c:59: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 2 of
'avpicture_fill' differ in signedness
cc -Wl,-d,-search_paths_first -g -o null.so -dynamiclib
-flat_namespace -undefined suppress null.o
/usr/bin/libtool: unknown option character `d' in: -d
Usage: /usr/bin/libtool -static [-] file [...] [-filelist
listfile[,dirname]] [-arch_only arch] [-sacLT]
Usage: /usr/bin/libtool -dynamic [-] file [...] [-filelist
listfile[,dirname]] [-arch_only arch] [-o output] [-install_name name]
[-compatibility_version #] [-current_version #] [-seg1addr 0x#]
[-segs_read_only_addr 0x#] [-segs_read_write_addr 0x#]
[-seg_addr_table <filename>] [-seg_addr_table_filename
<file_system_path>] [-all_load] [-noall_load]
make[1]: *** [null.so] Error 1
rm null.o
make: *** [videohook] Error 2

	-search_paths_first is a valid option but -d is not.  The attached
	patch simply removes the un-needed -d

	Steven Schultz
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--- configure.dist	2005-07-11 07:37:38.000000000 -0700
+++ configure	2005-07-11 13:56:09.000000000 -0700
@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@
 strip="strip -x"

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