[Ffmpeg-devel] open/closed gops

Osama Khan oskhan
Sat Aug 27 16:47:50 CEST 2005

Note: I have already sent this out on the ffmpeg-user list, so if uve
read that mail, please go no further. Since i thought this mail would
be more relevant to this list, im sending it here as well.


Hi All,

In mpeg(2/4) encoding, does ffmpeg produce open or closed gops? And if it
produces open gops, then Im assuming that during encoding, it encodes
the first I-Frame of a new GOP before the last B-frame of the last GOP
 during consecutive calls to avcodec_encode_frame() and it stores the
new I-Frame in its internal buffers to help it in encoding the
subsequent B-Frame? Is this assumption correct?


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