[Ffmpeg-devel] Could not find video grab device

Martin van Es mrvanes
Fri Aug 26 12:30:36 CEST 2005


I've noticed this question comming along more often here and there but
failed to find a satisfying answer.

ffmpeg-4.8.0 can find my webcam v4l(2) device and streams like a
charm, but isn't
exrtremely stable so I wanted to see what CVS could bring me but
unfortunately recent ffmpeg CVS exits with 'Could not find video grab

Also, 4.8.0 will no longer compile with GCC 4.01

Is work being done on the v4l grab code? Is it so broken that noone
wants to touch it anymore (it seems to be broken a long time ago).

Is there another OSS solution capable of streaming windows media via a
reflecting server?

if but was any useful, it would be a logic operator

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