[Ffmpeg-devel] getting the frame-rate

IOhannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig
Thu Aug 25 12:52:47 CEST 2005


this might seem rather obvious, but i haven't found any answer to this, 
neither in any header-files nor in google. i have to admit that i didn't 
try to read the code of mplayer or the like.
if this is the wrong list, please re-direct me. anyhow:

i am writing an application (pd/Gem) that uses ffmpeg to decode video. i 
would like to know the frame-rate of an opened video-stream/file/whatever.
what is the correct way to do that ?

i found the "frame_rate" field in AVCodecContext, but it seems to be no 
longer in use.
i also found the variable "pts" in AV_COMMON_FRAME which seems to be 
related to this, but i am really unsure about this.

note: i am using debian (with christian marillats packages) and on 3 
machines at home i have installed an  avcodec.h with the 0x000409; all 3 
files differ significantly (at least, regarding the frame_rate and 
of course this is a problem with the debian-packages.

however i would like to know what is the advised way to get the 
frame_rate in the future (eventually the debian-packages will be updated).

so is the API already fixated with this peculiar feature ?
(if not i will, for now, just _not_ try to read the framerate when using 


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