[Ffmpeg-devel] FFMPEG on Windows

Kiran Tulasi kirantulasi
Thu Aug 25 08:27:21 CEST 2005


I need to build ffmpeg on Windows. I find that it is currently available on Linux. There were some instructions for building it on Windows by using MinSYS and MinGW but I had a tough time in making use of them for this purpose. Can anyone of you tell me if there is a MSVC workspace (*.dsw) or a project (*.dsp) available which I can use directly? I tried building a MSVC workspace using the ffmpeg files but I found that many files have main() and I was not sure how to build them.

Another thing I would like to know is can I find a complete list of codecs (audio and video) which are supported by the container formats AVI, ASF and MPG? I need to build a transcoder which can take inputs in these container formats.

Thanks in advance,

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