[Ffmpeg-devel] H.264 decode error

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Thu Aug 25 02:02:21 CEST 2005


On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 02:29:40PM -0700, Bill May wrote:
> I'm trying to decoding some h.264 from a live encoder.  It is main
> profile, level 3 (or it says so).  It does, of course, decode with
> their own decoder.
> The encoder does not send IDR frames, only non-IDR with I-slices.  I've
> captured the stream, and extracted started at the Sequence and picture
> headers.  This stream will have multiple slices per access unit.
> I've uploaded the file, and the gdb session to wmay-h264 on the 
> ftp.mplayerhq.hu.

the reference decoder says:
----------------------------- JM 9.8 (FRExt) -----------------------------
 Decoder config file                    : dec.cfg 
 Input H.264 bitstream                  : harm.h264 
 Output decoded YUV                     : test_dec.yuv 
 Output status file                     : log.dec 
 Input reference file                   : test_rec.yuv 
POC must = frame# or field# for SNRs to be correct
  Frame       POC   Pic#   QP   SnrY    SnrU    SnrV   Y:U:V  Time(ms)
read_new_slice: Found NALU_TYPE_SEI, len 11
An unintentional loss of pictures occurs! Exit

so i would say its broken unless you can get it work or such streams are
common enough to justify figuring out whats wrong



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