[Ffmpeg-devel] FW: Simple question

Mike Melanson mike
Thu Aug 18 22:41:40 CEST 2005

Schmitt, Denis wrote:
> Mike,
> I will show here my ignorance.  I am new at this field. I do not
> understand your answer ...
> My apologies.
> Thank you for your patience

* you have an AVI file
* you indicated that you wish to change the AVI -> MPEG
* AVIs can be encoded with a vast number of different video and audio 
* this particular AVI file is encoded with a video format denoted as 
'IV50' which is Intel Indeo 5.0 format
* FFmpeg does not currently know how to decode IV50 video
* if you still insist on converting this IV50 video into an MPEG file, 
you have 2 options:
1) encode the original AVI in a format that FFmpeg can decode
2) transcode using a different tool that can decode IV50 video

	-Mike Melanson

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