[Ffmpeg-devel] FW: Simple question

Mike Melanson mike
Thu Aug 18 21:02:35 CEST 2005

Schmitt, Denis wrote:
>>I have compiled ffmpeg on Linux and I wanted to transform a simple
>>.avi file generated by MATLAB to mpeg:
>>I first typed:
>> <<Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)>> 
>>As you can see it did not work.  What have I done wrong ??
>>I also downloaded executables and rpm.  I always get the same results.
>>Many thanks for your help,

	The video codec is identified as IV50 which is Indeo Video 5.0. This is 
not natively supported by FFmpeg. You may wish to try MPlayer's mencoder 
which can use the binary codecs.

	-Mike Melanson

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