Burkhard Plaum plaum
Wed Aug 10 16:43:58 CEST 2005

Hi all,

the simple and efficient way to identify compatibility was the
LIBAVCODEC_BUILD variable, which got increased each time the ABI changed.
Actually my configure scripts don't care at all about strings like 
"0.4.9pre1". Instead they just check for LIBAVCODEC_BUILD. 

Now, LIBAVCODEC_BUILD is  ((49<<16)+(0<<8)+1), which seems to resemble
0.4.9pre1 (or am I wrong?) When e.g. a new CODEC_ID_* comes, will
LIBAVCODEC_BUILD be increased?  If not, is there a replacement, which can be

Then it would also be nice to have something like LIBAVCODEC_BUILD in 
the .pc file  (pkg-config allows arbitrary variables, which can be queried 
with pkg-config --variable=VARIABLE-NAME). If I knew, which variable to
use, I can make a patch.

Your frequent ABI changes are hard to avoid, since you write highly optimized 
code, which deals with completely different compression methods. So there 
must be a way to make life easier with that.



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