[Ffmpeg-devel] vbr audio

Justin Ruggles jruggle
Wed Aug 10 06:28:18 CEST 2005

OK, so now I feel like I'm posting way too much, but I really need some
input on this one before I get in too deep.  I'm implementing an option
for ffmpeg that allows encoding vbr audio.  My current plan is to use
'-aq' for audio quality.

The only oddity is that the scale is not even close to uniform between
codecs.  Should I make a uniform scale unique to FFmpeg or just put in a
warning that it is codec specific and use bounds checks in each encoder?
 For example, oggenc uses 0 (low) to 10 (high), lame uses 0 (high) to 9
(low), and faac uses 10 (low) to 500 (high).  Is this an issue with
video codecs as well?  If so, how is it handled?

Also, since most stand-alone audio encoders seem to default to VBR
rather than a fixed bitrate, I thought I would alter FFmpeg to do the
same once I get '-aq' up and running.



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