[Ffmpeg-devel] Using ffmpeg libs in an OSS project is a nightmare

Dave Airlie airlied
Sun Aug 7 12:43:04 CEST 2005

> vas?rnap 07 augusztus 2005 01.37-kor Dave Airlie ezeket a bolcs gondolatokat
> fogalmazta meg:
> > The rest of the world doesn't statically link anything ever, dynamic
> > linking works for every single library based project in existence
> > today, and I'm asking the question what make ffmpeg different?
> See http://www.iecc.com/linker/linker08.html, the part
> "PIC costs and benefits". When developers have spent a considerable time
> to gain even one percent speedup, they probably don't want to see this gain
> disappear by the inclusion of the compiler option -fPIC (this is only on
> legacy hardware, namely x86). But I am not an official certified ffmpeg
> developer.

 It should be no problem building shared libs for ffmpeg without PIC,
we don't use -fPIC to build Mesas OpenGL libraries and drivers due to
the perceived speed loss. but Ulrich's guide[1] to writing DSO says
you should probably use it, he also refutes a lot of the points
made in the iecc link about wasting ebx etc.. when using modern toolchains...

I recommend reading the paper, the guy does maintain the most used
shared library on Linux systems :-)



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