[Ffmpeg-devel] Compilation for Windows under Cygwin

Steve Willis steve
Thu Aug 4 22:15:58 CEST 2005

...and as a follow up request to FFMPEG developers: any thoughts on 
integrating the cross-compile instructions from the FAQ into your build 
process? It would sure be nice to be able to simply download the latest 
Windows DLL from CVS with each new build. I know this would limit the 
ability to customize the options compiled into the DLL, but for many 
programmers it would be a big bonus. From my perspective, it would help 
other projects like fobs4jmf make current Windows releases available.

No worries if that's not in the cards. Your work is very much appreciated!


Steve Willis wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> I'd like to try to diffuse what seems to be turning into a tense topic 
> on the list. I'm not an FFMPEG developer...just a programmer who needed 
> to compile it under Windows like yourself.
> First, you really should heed the advice on the FFMPEG Web site. Of the 
> open-source projects I have used or contributed to, FFMPEG is definitely 
> unique in that it has an incredibly active developer community, and 
> incredibly stable CVS snapshots. Typically, I would be nervous about 
> using anything from CVS...releases are usually "stable" and CVS 
> "unstable". The opposite is true here, and you just have to accept it. I 
> would personally like to see FFMPEG developers remove the release builds 
> altogether, but I know that there are some compelling reasons to have 
> some milestone releases.
> I followed the instructions for building FFMPEG on Windows on the FFMPEG 
> FAQ. It went very well. Cygwin might work, but why not use a tool that 
> is known to work? The install process was painless, and it only took me 
> a couple of hours to go from download to a "Hello World" program. And 
> that is saying a lot, because I am not a C programmer (Java is my first 
> language!)
> I just wanted to put in my two cents, because I had the same confusion 
> concerning the 0.4.8 release. You can bet that the CVS code has been 
> much improved. Just watch the mailing list for a week to see how much 
> active improvement goes into it!
> Best regards,
> Steve
> Vincent Honnet wrote:
>> I'm sorry M. Niedermayer, but I download a version of tool and if this 
>> version it is writen that it should compile, I don't why I should use 
>> the version of CVS ! I understand that it could not work with the 
>> "pre" version but not with the 0.4.8 ! Moreover, the purpose was not 
>> really the fact that it does not compile but that it does not compile 
>> under Cygwin with MinGW wit hthe goal of using VS .Net.
>> If you don't want to help people that are as clever as you, then 
>> please do not answer !
>> Vincent
>> Michael Niedermayer a ?crit :
>>> Hi
>>> On Thursday 04 August 2005 16:21, Vincent Honnet wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> I need help. I tried nearly everything: with the ffmpeg-0.4.8 t and 
>>>> with
>>>> the 0.9-pre1.
>>> use cvs, if you dont, fine too but then dont complain
>>> [...]
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