[Ffmpeg-devel] mphq problems

Arpi arpi
Wed Aug 3 14:06:30 CEST 2005


> > > the air conditioning in the server room got broken at friday,
> > > and it's still not fixed (it was promised at monday, but missing
> > > parts whatever...) :(
> > > there is 40-44 celsius in the room, and disks in some servers,
> > > including mphq seems to get burn or at least failing sometimes...
> > >
> > > i hope we can fix it soon, but i cant promise anything...
> >
> > Wouldn't it be better to shut it down for the time?
> > I mean what happened to MPlayers Changelog,v isn't nice
> > It now looks like a mixture of a part of the mailinglist, the homepage and
> > other things.

yes :(
btw dunno how did it happen, maillist db and cvs are at /data, an
reiserfs (journaling) partition on a raid1 array... shouldnt be damaged.
maybe the cpu or ram got too hot and failing?

> yes, i also vote for shutdown until the air conditioning is fixed, unless 

it has been just fixed. it takes some hours to reach 24 celsius though...

> there are some other meassures taken to reduce the temprature or limit 
> possible damage like disabling hds and running of a ramdisk or so

we used big fans to circulate the air, but after a while it got too hot...

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