[Ffmpeg-devel] MSVC - again (and again and again)

Chris Eborn chris.eborn
Thu Apr 28 19:50:40 CEST 2005

I've been trying to link against avcodec.lib and avformat.lib from my
Visual Studio C++ 7.0
project for over a week now and although I have had some success - I can decode
a single stream, I still have lots of unanswered questions and problems.
I just spent several hours going back through the entire list archives
and it seems to
me that the problems I am having come up over and over again. So as my
to the project I am going to prepare a HOW-TO for linking a
multi-threaded C++ app.
on windows, using Visual Studio.
So if anybody has any comments on the right and or wrong way to go
about this please
let me know. If possible I'll produce a MS Studio project, based on a modified
version of the really helpful example code -
http://www.inb.uni-luebeck.de/~boehme/libavcodec_update.html - by
Martin Boehme,
with threading adding.
Somebody wrote (I can't find the link again) that loading libgcc.a was
a very bad idea -
and that you should resolve the symbols (_alloca and around 6
arithmetic functions)
yourself. I spent all of last night trying to figure out how to do
this, but could not get it
to work - at the moment my code links against libgcc.a - and crashes.
Any help on this matter would be very much appreciated.
At the moment I am statically linking my app. It doesn't require the
.dlls to run. That's
the only way that I could get it to work - so again if anybody has any
info. on this please let me know.
I'm still learning about many of the issue involved here, so I'm
probably not the best person to be writing a HOW-TO on this subject,
but as I said before it seems that it would
be very useful to a lot of people, so I'll have a crack and hopefully,
with your help and
a few revisions there will not be too much mis-information in the
final document.


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