[Ffmpeg-devel] bug in decoding of WMA V2 files

castet.matthieu at free.fr castet.matthieu
Wed Apr 27 10:09:13 CEST 2005


Selon Pascal Cuoq <pascal_cuoq at hotmail.com>:

> Benjamin Larsson <banan at student.luth.se> wrote:
> >this is a known bug that has been in the decoder since it was added to
> >ffmpeg. Nobody seams to be able to fix it either.
> Thanks for the prompt reply.
> I took a deeper look at the problem, and I have reached the
> point where it would really be useful to have some kind of
> specification to refer to.  I would like to at least isolate the
> problematic frames so that someone would be able to
> "debug" Windows Media Player (I mean, understand why it does
> not behave like mplayer on these frames :) ).
The problem I enconter with ffmpeg wma2 was it can't read sample at some
frequency (I don't remenber which one). I think there some init problem for
this frequency...


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