[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: AAC support in ffmpeg

parag arole parag.arole
Wed Apr 27 00:28:24 CEST 2005

Hi Michel,

>parag arole wrote:
>> Hi Michel,

>Please dont top-post.

Thanks for pointing this out.

>>    Thank you so much for your reply.. it is indeed libfaad2 that is
>> used for decoding AAC in ffmpeg :-).
>>    For encoding AAC from AMR audio files, 

>Please avoid 2 different problems in the same post.

Thanks for pointing this out too. Both the problems were related to
AAC support, which is why I combined them in a single post. Anyway, I
just wanted to let you know that AAC decoding worked when I used

>> I had also tried using m4a
>> as the output format, like you suggested. That didn't work. 

>Please always post details: command line and output messages. "Doesnt 
>work" makes many people see red. Me too.

I meant to refer to my previous message where I had described the
specific ffmpeg messages as follows -

>>> I also tried to convert AMR audio files to ACC as - 
>>>        ffmpeg -i ./out.amr -acodec aac -y -vn out.aac
>>> But this does not work either.
>>> ffmpeg returns the following -
>>>       Stream #0.0: Audio: amr_nb, 8000 Hz, mono
>>>       Unable for find a suitable output format for 'out.aac'

>>Maybe ffmpeg is right and there is no aac format, only an aac codec? Try 
>>  out.m4a.

My mistake.. Probably that wasn't clear. 

>> However,
>> it does work for extracting audio from MPG , MOV and WMV files.

Thanks for your help and pointers.

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