[Ffmpeg-devel] More spelling errors.

Mike Melanson mike
Sun Apr 24 21:14:30 CEST 2005

Kevin Baragona wrote:
> Hmmm....I guess you've fixed all the av_logs? Then is it really worth
> going through every file fixing errors in comments?

	That's entirely up to you. Open source software development is driven 
purely by what people want to do. If checking for English errors in the 
FFmpeg source code is what you feel you are called to do, so be it.

	You could always double-check the av_log stuff. I might not have 
noticed everything. And you may wish to vet all the files with my name 
on the top-- I went easy on those. Further, if you actually checked 
through the files, you might catch multi-line strings, something that 
grep'ing for av_log does not catch.

	-Mike Melanson

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