[Ffmpeg-devel] [BUG] RV20 bad decode

Diego Biurrun diego
Wed Apr 20 21:54:21 CEST 2005

Hello Michael and team!

Compn stumbled upon another RV20 file that FFmpeg fails to decode

The original stream is at


I have uploaded the dumped file (4.2MB) to my homedir along with a 200k
truncated version and the output of 'mplayer -v' playing the small one:


libavcodec spits out a bunch of the following errors while decoding the

[rv20 @ 0x86fafdc]messed up order, seeking?, skiping current b frame
[rv20 @ 0x86fafdc]HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding frame!
[rv20 @ 0x86fafdc]b mb_type damaged at 4 9
[rv20 @ 0x86fafdc]ERROR at MB 4 9
Error while decoding frame!
[rv20 @ 0x86fafdc]b mb_type damaged at 16 12
[rv20 @ 0x86fafdc]ERROR at MB 16 12
Error while decoding frame!

If I use the binary DLL to decode the file everything is fine, using the
libavformat demuxer or ffplay makes no difference, so I assume it is a
bug in the FFmpeg decoder.


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