[Ffmpeg-devel] libavcodec & XVMC

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Apr 20 17:24:55 CEST 2005

castet.matthieu at free.fr wrote:
> Hi,
> Selon Thomas Herrmann <ollo.diab at gmx.de>:
>>Hi developers,
>>I would like to understand the status of XVMC support in libavcodec. The
>>configure script in the current CVS does not support the XVMC option, but
>>still if one does set HAVE_XVMC_ACCEL=yes in config.mak the xvmc* files get
>>build and linked into libavcodec.
>>My question is, what is needed from the application side to get XVMC support
>>out of libavcodec?
> You could look how mplayer use it...
> Xine support XCMC, but I don't know if they use ffmpeg for that...

	No, xine does not use XvMC via FFmpeg. Not sure about all the design 
decisions behind it but this comes from xine's FFmpeg diff file for the 
file avcodec.h:

+/* FIXME: We cannot use ffmpeg's XvMC capabilities, since that would 
+ * linking the ffmpeg plugin against XvMC libraries, which is a bad thing,
+ * since they are output dependend.
+ * The correct fix would be to reimplement the XvMC functions 
libavcodec uses
+ * and do the necessary talking with our XvMC output plugin there. */
+#undef HAVE_XVMC

	-Mike Melanson

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