[Ffmpeg-devel] Reading a yuv file and performing h263 encode with ffmpeg

John Que qwejohn
Tue Apr 19 18:06:54 CEST 2005


    I want to use ffmpeg to do h263 encoding of a file which contains YUV  

    I saw the libavcodec/apiexample.c of  ffmpeg.

   They have there an example of encoding a YUV picture which they
   generate in the code itself (in apiexample.c in video_encode_example() 
method they
   builld an AVFrame called picture from memory).
   In that example, the building of this AVFrame instance seems not to be 
    there are some loops there which are not clear and I cannot understand 
from it
    what should I do when reading the YUV file in otder to build the 

Now I want to read from a yuv file and perform encoding ; Is there
some example/application which does it ?

I had tried to do it from the command line ,on Linux, and it was OK.
	 What I tried is
	 ./ffmpeg -y -s cif -vcodec h263 -i in.yuv 263decoded.yuv

But when I tried to do reverse engineereing and to learn the code and do
the same , I failed; maybe because I am trying to do it on windows;

In fact,All I want to do is read a yuv file and build from it the AVFrame

Any idea ? Is there some example / a simple app doing it?

Any help will be appreciated.


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