[Ffmpeg-devel] ac3 encoder

Dario Andrade dario
Tue Apr 19 10:04:26 CEST 2005

> Anyway, I have one question.  Is there anything inherent about ffmpeg
> that requires the encoder to use 16-bit input?  The AC3 format uses
> 24-bit resolution internally.  I've reworked the code a bit to use
> floating-point input for my purposes, but I was going to submit some of
> my changes to ffmpeg at some point.  So I'm wondering if using
> floating-point or even 24-bit integer input would integrate with ffmpeg
> or if the 16-bit input is for a particular reason other than the fact
> that it's so common.

Actually, now the avcodec.h exports some other audio interfaces (PCM32,
float, double) as well as the old SAMPLE_FMT_S16.

But I suppose no audio codec uses them yet.

Good luck,
Dario Andrade

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