[Ffmpeg-devel] Porting to TI DM642 DSP

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Mon Apr 18 11:17:42 CEST 2005

Vincent Derrien wrote:
> Hi,

Please dont top-post.

> I was very interesting by your project. Can you give me aware about this 
> please ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Patrick Noffke a ?crit :
>> I'd like to use the ffmpeg libraries on a TI DM642 DSP.  Can anyone 
>> comment on the feasibility of doing this, and perhaps provide an 
>> overview of the hurdles I need to overcome?   Initially, I see two 
>> major challenges:
>> 1)  Compiling -- I imagine #include statements will need to be 
>> modified to work with TI's tools.  I would like to avoid major 
>> modifications to the source with #ifdef statements (and I believe this 
>> is the philosophy of ffmpeg developers).  Additionally, some types may 
>> not be supported with TI's compiler.
>> 2)  Optimization -- Initially, I just want to build without 
>> optimization.  Then (assuming performance is less than great), I 
>> intend to optimize certain primitives (e.g. DC T), preferrably by 
>> using TI's versions of these primitives.
>> Can anyone comment on the above two challenges (or others), and 
>> recommend ways to overcome them?  Perhaps someone that ported to 
>> another platform would be able to make some recommendations?

There is a 3rd hurdle: the LGPL forbids distribution of ffmpeg, modified 
or not, in such a way that the user is not able to replace ffmpeg by a 
newer version. That means you have to publish your patches, *and* source 
or link-able binaries for your application, *and* instructions on how to 
re-link (and with a DSP, probably flash an PROM) using some free 
development system.

I realize this puts heavy constraints on using ffmpeg for embedded 
systems, thereby actually inciting people to use proprietary rather than 
open-source software on embedded systems. But currently, for ffmpeg, 
LGPL is the only game in town...

>> Thanks in advance for your help.
>> Patrick

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