[Ffmpeg-devel] dvr-ms file format

Matthew Dippel johngalt
Fri Apr 15 22:31:02 CEST 2005

Abhijeet Mhatre eloquently transcribed . . .
> Hi
>  can any of you tell me what exactly is the dvr-ms
> file format.
> is there any file format specification anythere?
> I could get the ASF spec but not the dvr-ms spec.


Essentially it's an embrace and extend MPEG-2 file with Digital Rights
Management associated with it...so that would imply that it employs some
sort of encryption along with it.
It is a file format used by Media Center for recording and, probably to
ensure that the user can't just do "whatever he wants" with the shows he
recorded from the television...

(in case that link has problems, www.google.com, type "define: dvr-ms")


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