[Ffmpeg-devel] RE: Indeo 2

Kostya cannonball
Mon Apr 11 18:22:26 CEST 2005

 >> It works, but there is still something that looks bad, looks like moving
 >> objects sometime leave a trail/shadow after them. Look at the beginning
 >> of laser05.avi (is more evident in the 160x120 version), behind the
 >> colored lines circling the earth. You can see it also in fish, look at
 >> the yellow fish, but that's in the middle of the clip.
Well, my decoder and Intel one behave slightly differently on such 
frames. Nevertheless, both decoders doesn't handle it very well (in my 
decoder, 4th frame of puppy seems to be better, but 10th is worse).
 >Also, if you look at the puppy sample you will notice the red pullover
 >of the boy being extremely blocky, which seems wrong to me.  IIRC the
 >first version of your decoder did not have that problem, but I overwrote
 >it and cannot compare now.
I doubt this. The only change between two versions is that some frames 
(which caused colorful mess on the screen) are delta frames really, so 
those frames you could see properly before haven't changed. And about 
blockiness - that's IF09 (almost YUV410 but with 7 bits per value) - one 
U and V value per 4x4 block, don't expect much quality for it.

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