[Ffmpeg-devel] packetized data

tkoninck Thomas.Koninckx
Sun Apr 10 15:03:31 CEST 2005


I'ld like to write data compressed by ffmpeg directly to cd or dvd. To
this end I'm looking for a way to get a pointer to the data which would
 normally be sinked into the mediafile. This would allow me to pass this
pointer to a packetized burning engine and handle it there.

Right now I'ld go for doing something like:
out_size = avcodec_encode_video(c,video_outbuf, video_outbuf_size,
 and write a chunck of size out_size of the data in video_outbuf to my
recordable disk.

1) is this the correct way to go? Are'nt there any more appropriate
approaches? ...or maybe the above is completely incorrect.
2) the av_write_header produces nothing but internally used data?
3) I still need to handle the trailer. Is there an easy way to access
this data?

Anyway, if anyone could comment upon this it would be appreciated. I
wouldn't like spending too much time implementing a workaround for
something a clean api is already defined.

Many thanks and best regards

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