[FFmpeg-cvslog] Update for FFmpeg 4.1.5

Michael Niedermayer git at videolan.org
Mon Jan 6 21:28:54 EET 2020

ffmpeg | branch: release/4.1 | Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc> | Mon Jan  6 15:45:33 2020 +0100| [2f54cd9548e2a8fe0ecba9a345b66f0798dd243e] | committer: Michael Niedermayer

Update for FFmpeg 4.1.5

> http://git.videolan.org/gitweb.cgi/ffmpeg.git/?a=commit;h=2f54cd9548e2a8fe0ecba9a345b66f0798dd243e

 Changelog    | 320 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 RELEASE      |   2 +-
 doc/Doxyfile |   2 +-
 3 files changed, 322 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Changelog b/Changelog
index beb6a6f729..b4d7bd2c9e 100644
--- a/Changelog
+++ b/Changelog
@@ -1,6 +1,326 @@
 Entries are sorted chronologically from oldest to youngest within each release,
 releases are sorted from youngest to oldest.
+version 4.1.5:
+- Changelog: Fix formating for 4.1.4
+- avcodec/cbs_av1: avoid reading trailing bits when obu type is OBU_TILE_LIST
+- avcodec/av1_parser: skip frames with spatial_id > 0
+- cbs_h264: Fix missing inferred colour description fields
+- avcodec/cbs_av1: keep separate reference frame state for reading and writing
+- avcodec/cbs_av1: fix reading reference order hint in skip_mode_params()
+- configure: bump year
+- avcodec/pgssubdec: Free subtitle on error
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Fix undefined overflow in wavesynth_synth_sample()
+- avcodec/cook: Use 3 stage VLC decoding for channel_coupling
+- avcodec/wmalosslessdec: Fixes undefined overflow in dequantization in decode_subframe()
+- avcodec/sonic: Check e in get_symbol()
+- avcodec/twinvqdec: Correct overflow in block align check
+- avcodec/vc1dec: Fix "return -1" cases
+- avcodec/vc1dec: Free sprite_output_frame on error
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Clamp band_ext_data to max that can be read if skipped.
+- avcodec/wmadec: Keep track of exponent initialization per channel
+- avcodec/iff: Check that video_size is large enough for the read parameters
+- avcodec/cbs_vp9: Check data_size
+- avcodec/cbs_vp9: Check index_size
+- avcodec/adpcm: Clip predictor for APC
+- avcodec/targa: Check colors vs. available space
+- avcodec/dstdec: Use get_ur_golomb_jpegls()
+- avcodec/wmavoice: Check remaining input in parse_packet_header()
+- avcodec/wmalosslessdec: Fix 2 overflows in mclms
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Fixes integer overflow with 32bit samples
+- avcodec/adpcm: Fix invalid shift in xa_decode()
+- avcodec/wmalosslessdec: Fix several integer issues
+- avcodec/wmalosslessdec: Check that padding bits is not more than sample bits
+- avcodec/iff: Skip overflowing runs in decode_delta_d()
+- avcodec/pnm: Check that the header is not truncated
+- avcodec/mp3_header_decompress_bsf: Check sample_rate_index
+- avcodec/cbs_av1_syntax_template: Check num_y_points
+- avcodec/cbs_av1: fix array size for ar_coeffs_cb_plus_128 and ar_coeffs_cr_plus_128
+- avformat/rmdec: Initialize and sanity check offset in ivr_read_header()
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix 2 integer overflows
+- avformat/id3v2: Fix double-free on error
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Set packet_loss when we error out on a sanity check
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Check offset
+- avcodec/truemotion2: Fix 2 integer overflows in tm2_low_res_block()
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Check if the channel sum of all internal contexts match the external
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Check q_unit_cnt more completely before using it to access at9_tab_band_ext_group
+- avcodec/fitsdec: Use lrint()
+- avcodec/g729dec: require buf_size to be non 0
+- avcodec/alac: Fix integer overflow in lpc_prediction() with sign
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Fix buflen computation in save_bits()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fix integer overflow in AC rescaling in vc1_decode_i_block_adv()
+- avcodec/vmdaudio: Check chunk counts to avoid integer overflow
+- avformat/mxfdec: Clear metadata_sets_count in mxf_read_close()
+- avcodec/nuv: Use ff_set_dimensions()
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Fix integer overflow with pink_ts_cur/next
+- avcodec/ralf: Fix integer overflows with the filter coefficient in decode_channel()
+- avcodec/g729dec: Use 64bit and clip in scalar product
+- avcodec/mxpegdec: Check for multiple SOF
+- avcodec/nuv: Move comptype check up
+- avcodec/wmavoice: Fix integer overflow in synth_frame()
+- avcodec/rawdec: Check bits_per_coded_sample more pedantically for 16bit cases
+- avutil/lfg: Correct index increment type to avoid undefined behavior
+- avcodec/cngdec: Remove AV_CODEC_CAP_DELAY
+- avcodec/iff: Move index use after check in decodeplane8()
+- avcodec/atrac3: Check for huge block aligns
+- avcodec/ralf: use multiply instead of shift to avoid undefined behavior in decode_block()
+- avcodec/wmadec: Require previous exponents for reuse
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fix undefined behavior in ac prediction rescaling
+- avcodec/qdm2: The smallest header seems to have 2 bytes so treat 1 as invalid
+- avcodec/apedec: Fixes integer overflow of res+*data in do_apply_filter()
+- avcodec/sonic: Fix integer overflow in predictor_calc_error()
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Check precision_fine/coarse
+- avformat/mp3dec: Check that the frame fits within the probe buffer
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: get frame during frame decode
+- avcodec/interplayacm: Fix overflow of last unused value
+- avcodec/adpcm: Fix undefined behavior with negative predictions in IMA OKI
+- avcodec/cook: Move up and extend block_align check
+- avcodec/sbcdec: Fix integer overflows in sbc_synthesize_four()
+- avcodec/twinvq: Check block_align
+- avcodec/cook: Enlarge gain table
+- avcodec/cook: Check samples_per_channel earlier
+- avcodec/atrac3plus: Check split point in fill mode 3
+- avcodec/wmavoice: Check sample_rate
+- avcodec/xsubdec: fix overflow in alpha handling
+- avcodec/iff: Check available space before entering loop in decode_long_vertical_delta2() / decode_long_vertical_delta()
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix integer overflow in filter_3800()
+- avutil/lfg: Document the AVLFG struct
+- avcodec/ffv1dec: Use a different error message for the slice level CRC
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix undefined integer overflow in long_filter_ehigh_3830()
+- avcodec/dstdec: Check that AC probabilities are within range
+- avcodec/dstdec: Check read_table() for failure
+- avcodec/snowenc: Set mb_num to avoid ratecontrol floating point divisions by 0.0
+- avcodec/snowenc: Fix 2 undefined shifts
+- avformat/nutenc: Do not pass NULL to memcmp() in get_needed_flags()
+- avcodec/aptx: Check the number of channels
+- avcodec/aacdec_template: Check samplerate
+- avcodec/truemotion2: Fix several integer overflows in tm2_low_res_block()
+- avcodec/utils: Check block_align
+- avcodec/wmalosslessdec: Fix some integer anomalies
+- avcodec/adpcm: Fix invalid shifts in ADPCM DTK
+- avcodec/apedec: Only clear the needed buffer space, instead of all
+- avcodec/libvorbisdec: Fix insufficient input checks leading to out of array reads
+- avcodec/g723_1dec: fix invalid shift with negative sid_gain
+- avcodec/vp5: Check render_x/y
+- avcodec/qdrw: Check input for header/skiped space before get_buffer()
+- avcodec/ralf: Skip initializing unused filter variables
+- avcodec/takdec: Fix overflow with large sample rates
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Set channels
+- avcodec/alsdec: Check that input space for header exists in read_diff_float_data()
+- avformat/pjsdec: Check duration for overflow
+- avcodec/ptx: Check that the input contains at least one line
+- avcodec/alac: Fix integer overflow in LPC
+- avcodec/smacker: Fix integer overflows in pred[] in smka_decode_frame()
+- avcodec/aliaspixdec: Check input size against minimal picture size
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Fix integer overflows in pink noise addition
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fixes integer overflow in vc1_decode_i_block_adv()
+- avcodec/wmalosslessdec: Check block_align
+- avcodec/g729postfilter: Fix left shift of negative value
+- avcodec/binkaudio: Check sample rate
+- avcodec/sbcdec: Fix integer overflows in sbc_synthesize_eight()
+- avcodec/adpcm: Check initial predictor for ADPCM_IMA_EA_EACS
+- avcodec/g723_1dec: Fix overflow in shift
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix integer overflow in predictor_update_3930()
+- avcodec/g729postfilter: Fix undefined intermediate pointers
+- avcodec/g729postfilter: Fix undefined shifts
+- avcodec/lsp: Fix undefined shifts in lsp2poly()
+- avcodec/adpcm: Fix left shifts in AV_CODEC_ID_ADPCM_EA
+- avformat/shortendec: Check k in probe
+- avfilter/vf_geq: Use av_clipd() instead of av_clipf()
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Check that the streams channels do not exceed the overall channels
+- avcodec/qdmc: Check input space in qdmc_get_vlc()
+- avcodec/pcm: Check bits_per_coded_sample
+- avcodec/exr: Allow duplicate use of channel indexes
+- avcodec/fitsdec: Fail on 0 naxisn
+- avcodec/dxv: Subtract 12 earlier in dxv_decompress_cocg()
+- libavcodec/dxv: Remove redundant seek
+- avcodec/ituh263dec: Check input for minimal frame size
+- avcodec/truemotion1: Check that the input has enough space for a minimal index_stream
+- avformat/mpsubdec: Clear queue on error
+- avcodec/sunrast: Check that the input is large enough for the maximally compressed image
+- avcodec/sunrast: Check for availability of maplength before allocating image
+- avformat/subtitles: Check nb_subs in ff_subtitles_queue_finalize()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fix invalid left shift in vc1_decode_p_mb()
+- avcodec/wmaprodec: Check if there is a stream
+- avcodec/g2meet: Check for end of input in jpg_decode_block()
+- avcodec/g2meet: Check if adjusted pixel was on the stack
+- avformat/electronicarts: If no packet has been read at the end do not treat it as if theres a packet
+- avcodec/dxv: Check op_offset in dxv_decompress_yo()
+- avcodec/utils: Check sample_rate before opening the decoder
+- avcodec/aptx: Fix multiple shift anomalies
+- avcodec/fitsdec: fix use of uninitialised values
+- avcodec/motionpixels: Mark 2 functions as always_inline
+- avcodec/ituh263dec: Make the condition for the studio slice start code match between ff_h263_resync() and ff_mpeg4_decode_studio_slice_header()
+- avcodec/ralf: Fix integer overflow in decode_channel()
+- vcodec/vc1: compute rangex/y only for P/B frames
+- avcodec/vc1_pred: Fix invalid shifts in scaleforopp()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fix invalid shift with rangeredfrm
+- avcodec/vc1: Check for excessive resolution
+- avcodec/vc1: check REFDIST
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix several integer overflows in predictor_update_filter() and do_apply_filter()
+- avcodec/hevc_cabac: Tighten the limit on k in ff_hevc_cu_qp_delta_abs()
+- avcodec/4xm: Check index in decode_i_block() also in the path where its not used.
+- avcodec/loco: Check for end of input in the first line
+- avcodec/atrac3: Check block_align
+- avcodec/alsdec: Avoid dereferencing context pointer in inner interleave loop
+- avcodec/fitsdec: Prevent division by 0 with huge data_max
+- avcodec/dstdec: Fix integer overflow in samples_per_frame computation
+- avcodec/g729_parser: Check block_size
+- avcodec/sbcdec: Initialize number of channels
+- avcodec/utils: Optimize ff_color_frame() using memcpy()
+- avcodec/aacdec: Check if we run out of input in read_stream_mux_config()
+- avcodec/utils: Use av_memcpy_backptr() in ff_color_frame()
+- avcodec/smacker: Fix integer overflow in signed int multiply in SMK_BLK_FILL
+- avcodec/alac: Fix invalid shifts in 20/24 bps
+- avcodec/alac: fix undefined behavior with INT_MIN in lpc_prediction()
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Fix integer overflow in timestamps
+- avcodec/dxv: Check op_offset in both directions
+- avcodec/adpcm: Check number of channels for MTAF
+- avcodec/sunrast: Fix indention
+- avcodec/sunrast: Fix return type for "unsupported (compression) type"
+- avcodec/utils: Check channels fully earlier
+- avformat/mov: Check for EOF in mov_read_meta()
+- avcodec/hevcdec: Fix memleak of a53_caption
+- avformat/cdxl: Fix integer overflow in intermediate
+- avcodec/hevcdec: repeat character in skiped
+- avcodec/gdv: Replace assert() checking bitstream by if()
+- libavcodec/utils: Free threads on init failure
+- avcodec/htmlsubtitles: Avoid locale dependant isdigit()
+- avcodec/alsdec: Check k from being outside what our implementation can handle
+- avcodec/takdec: Fix integer overflow in decorrelate()
+- avcodec/aacps: Fix integer overflows in hybrid_synthesis()
+- avcodec/mpeg4videodec: Fix integer overflow in mpeg4_decode_studio_block()
+- avcodec/vp56rac: delay signaling an error on truncated input
+- avcodec/qdm2: Check frame size
+- avcodec/vc1_pred: Fix refdist in scaleforopp()
+- avcodec/vorbisdec: fix FASTDIV usage for vr_type == 2
+- avcodec/iff: Check for overlap in cmap_read_palette()
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix 32bit int overflow in do_apply_filter()
+- avcodec/ralf: fix undefined shift in extend_code()
+- avcodec/ralf: fix undefined shift
+- avcodec/bgmc: Check input space in ff_bgmc_decode_init()
+- avcodec/truemotion2: Fix multiple integer overflows in tm2_null_res_block()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Check the return code from vc1_decode_p_block()
+- avcodec/vc1dec: Require res_sprite for wmv3images
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Check for double escapes
+- avcodec/vorbisdec: Check get_vlc2() failure
+- avcodec/tta: Fix integer overflow in prediction
+- avcodec/vb: Check input packet size to be large enough to contain flags
+- avcodec/cavsdec: Limit the number of access units per packet to 2
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Check block_align
+- avcodec/alac: Check for bps of 0
+- avcodec/alac: Fix multiple integer overflows in lpc_prediction()
+- avcodec/rl2: set dimensions
+- avcodec/aacdec: Add FF_CODEC_CAP_INIT_CLEANUP
+- avcodec/idcinvideo: Add 320x240 default maximum resolution
+- avformat/realtextdec: free queue on error
+- avcodec/vp5/6/8: use vpX_rac_is_end()
+- avcodec/alsdec: Fix integer overflow in decode_var_block_data()
+- avcodec/alsdec: Limit maximum channels to 512
+- avcodec/anm: Check input size for a frame with just a stop code
+- avcodec/flicvideo: Optimize and Simplify FLI_COPY in flic_decode_frame_24BPP() by using bytestream2_get_buffer()
+- avcodec/loco: Check left column value
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Fixes invalid shift with pink noise seeking
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Fix integer overflow for some corner case values
+- avcodec/indeo2: Check remaining input more often
+- avcodec/diracdec: Check that slices are fewer than pixels
+- avcodec/vp56: Consider the alpha start as end of the prior header
+- avcodec/4xm: Check for end of input in decode_p_block()
+- avcodec/hevcdec: Check delta_luma_weight_l0/1
+- avcodec/hnm4video: Optimize postprocess_current_frame()
+- avcodec/hevc_refs: Optimize 16bit generate_missing_ref()
+- avcodec/scpr: Use av_memcpy_backptr() in type 17 and 33
+- avcodec/dds: Use ff_set_dimensions()
+- avcodec/mpc8: Fix 32bit mask/enum
+- avcodec/alsdec: Fix integer overflows of raw_samples in decode_var_block_data()
+- avcodec/alsdec: Fix integer overflow of raw_samples in decode_blocks()
+- avcodec/alsdec: fix mantisse shift
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fix invalid shifts in vc1_decode_i_blocks()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: fix invalid shift in vc1_decode_p_mb()
+- avcodec/aacdec_template: fix integer overflow in imdct_and_windowing()
+- libavcodec/iff: Use unsigned to avoid undefined behaviour
+- avcodec/alsdec: Check for block_length <= 0 in read_var_block_data()
+- avcodec/vqavideo: Set video size
+- avcodec/sanm: Check extradata_size before allocations
+- avcodec/mss1: check for overread and forward errors
+- avcodec/loco: Check for end of input in pixel decode
+- avcodec/dirac_parser: Fix overflow in dts
+- avcodec/ralf: Fix undefined pointer in decode_channel()
+- avcodec/ralf: Fix integer overflow in apply_lpc()
+- avcodec/vorbisdec: Implement vr->classifications = 1
+- avcodec/vorbisdec: Check parameters in vorbis_floor0_decode() before divide
+- avformat/realtextdec: Check for duplicate extradata in realtext_read_header()
+- avcodec/cbs_av1_syntax_template: Check ref_frame_idx before use
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix 2 signed overflows
+- avcodec/mss3: Check for the rac stream being invalid in rac_normalize()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Check get_vlc2() return before use
+- avcodec/apedec: Do not partially clear data array
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Check grad_range[1] more tightly
+- avcodec/hnm4video: Forward errors of decode_interframe_v4()
+- avcodec/clearvideo: fix invalid shift in tile size check
+- avcodec/vp3: Check that theora is theora
+- avcodec/vc1_pred: Fix invalid shift in scaleforsame()
+- avcodec/vc1_block: Fix integer overflow in ff_vc1_pred_dc()
+- avcodec/truemotion2: Fix several integer overflows in tm2_motion_block()
+- avcodec/apedec: make left/right unsigned to avoid undefined behavior
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix multiple integer overflows and undefined behaviorin filter_3800()
+- avformat/mpc: deallocate frames array on errors
+- avcodec/eatqi: Check for minimum frame size
+- avcodec/eatgv: Check remaining size after the keyframe header
+- avcodec/assdec: undefined use of memcpy()
+- avcodec/brenderpix: Check input size before allocating image
+- lafv/wavdec: Fail bext parsing on incomplete reads
+- avcodec/utils: fix leak of subtitle_header on error path
+- avcodec/utils: Check close before calling it
+- tools/target_dec_fuzzer: Free parser in case of avcodec_open2() failure
+- avcodec/vorbisdec: Check vlc for floor0 dec vector offset
+- avcodec/vorbisdec: amplitude bits can be more than 25 bits
+- avutil/softfloat_ieee754: Fix odd bit position for exponent and sign in av_bits2sf_ieee754()
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix various integer overflows
+- avcodec/apedec: Fix multiple integer overflows in predictor_update_filter()
+- avcodec/alsdec: fix undefined shift in multiply()
+- avcodec/alsdec: Fix 2 integer overflows
+- avcodec/flicvideo: Make line_packets int
+- avcodec/dvbsubdec: Use ff_set_dimensions()
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Check if there is enough extradata before allocation
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: More correct cast in wavesynth_seek()
+- avcodec/ffwavesynth: Check sample rate before use
+- avcodec/dnxhd_parser: Fix parser when input does not have nicely sized packets
+- avcodec/dnxhd_parser: remove unneeded code
+- avformat/utils: Check rfps_duration_sum for overflow
+- avcodec/h264_refs: Also check reference in ff_h264_build_ref_list()
+- avcodec/atrac9dec: Check conditions before apply_band_extension() to avoid out of array read in initialization of unused variables
+- avcodec/parser: Check next index validity in ff_combine_frame()
+- avcodec/ivi: Ask for samples with odd tiles
+- avformat/xmv: Make bitrate 64bit
+- avcodec/pngdec: Check that previous_picture has same w/h/format
+- avcodec/huffyuv: remove gray8a (the format is listed but not supported by the implementation)
+- avcodec/mpc8: Fixes invalid shift in mpc8_decode_frame()
+- avcodec/utils, avcodec_open2: close codec on failure
+- avformat/rpl: Replace strcpy with av_strlcpy
+- avcodec/amfnec: allocate packets using av_new_packet()
+- avcodec/nvenc: make sure newly allocated packets are refcounted
+- lavc/mpeg4audio: add chan_config check to avoid indeterminate channels
+- aformat/movenc: add missing padding to output track extradata
+- avcodec/nvenc: add driver version info for latest SDKs
+- avcodec/bsf: check that AVBSFInternal was allocated before dereferencing it
+- lavf/rawenc: Only accept the appropriate stream type for raw muxers.
+- lavc/tableprint_vlc: Remove avpriv_request_sample() from included files.
+- avcodec/h263dec: fix hwaccel decoding
+- avutil/mem: Fix invalid use of av_alloc_size
+- cbs_h2645: Fix infinite loop in more_rbsp_data
+- avformat/aacdec: resync to the next adts frame on invalid data instead of aborting
+- avformat/aacdec: factorize the adts frame resync code
+- cbs_mpeg2: Fix storage type for frame_centre_*_offset
+- cbs_mpeg2: Improve checks for invalid values
+- avcodec/cbs_mpeg2: fix leak of extra_information_slice buffer in cbs_mpeg2_read_slice_header()
+- lavc/cbs: Do not use format specifier "z" on Windows.
+- lavc/cbs_vp9: Make variable prob unsigned.
+- avcodec/cbs_h264: fix storage type for time_offset in Pic Timing SEI
+- avcodec/cbs_h2645: add helper macros for signed values
+- avcodec/cbs: add helper functions and macros to read and write signed values
+- cbs_h264: Fix handling of auxiliary pictures
 version 4.1.4:
 - avcodec/ilbcdec: Simplify use of unsigned and fix more undefined overflows
 - avcodec/golomb: Correct the doxy about get_ue_golomb() and errors
diff --git a/RELEASE b/RELEASE
index a95f288444..b1cbc1fcd2 100644
@@ -1 +1 @@
diff --git a/doc/Doxyfile b/doc/Doxyfile
index f04da164f5..4de2cbcca9 100644
--- a/doc/Doxyfile
+++ b/doc/Doxyfile
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ PROJECT_NAME           = FFmpeg
 # could be handy for archiving the generated documentation or if some version
 # control system is used.
-PROJECT_NUMBER         = 4.1.4
+PROJECT_NUMBER         = 4.1.5
 # Using the PROJECT_BRIEF tag one can provide an optional one line description
 # for a project that appears at the top of each page and should give viewer a

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