[FFmpeg-cvslog] [ffmpeg.org]: r390 - trunk/src/index

Alexander Strasser eclipse7
Fri Sep 25 20:36:46 CEST 2009


diego wrote:
> Author: diego
> Date: Thu Sep 24 15:51:36 2009
> New Revision: 390
> Log:
> Reword WMA Pro section.
> Modified:
>    trunk/src/index
> Modified: trunk/src/index
> ==============================================================================
> --- trunk/src/index	Thu Sep 24 11:18:20 2009	(r389)
> +++ trunk/src/index	Thu Sep 24 15:51:36 2009	(r390)
> @@ -48,9 +48,13 @@
>   Minidisc project</a> and official hardware (MZ-RH1). So if you have lots of digital
>  recordings stored on Minidisc now is the time to archive it all.
>  </p>
> +
>  <p>
> -WMAPro support is finally here, a big thanks to all who made this possible.
> -It was really a herculean effort.
> +One of the last entrenchments of proprietary multimedia has fallen: Windows Media
> +Audio Pro support is finally available in FFmpeg. It decodes all known samples
> +flawlessly and is considerably faster than the binary decoder from Microsoft.
> +A big thank you goes out to all the reverse engineers and programmers who made
> +this possible. It really was a herculean effort.
>  </p>

  I don't know if this is at all the right approach. I mean if things
are written in news entries and got online, they shouldn't be changed

  I think visitors associate them with a message posted at a specific
time by a specific group/person. So changing them afterwards doesn't
feel good to me. Instead of modifying the existing messages, posting
new ones should IMHO be the preferred way of getting updated information
out. So in this case, a new entry with the main message being the
performance comparison could have been created.

  How do others think about this topic?


Did I miss the performance figures on ffmpeg-devel? I only remember
someone complaining about measurement methods.

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