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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Dec 17 19:13:46 CET 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 07:24:30AM -0500, The Wanderer wrote:
> >> So how much time are we talking about and what percentage of the
> >> time you take to write Doxygen documentation would it take to
> >> expand a condensed "dont" into "do not"?  We are talking about
> >> typing two more characters.  This is not asking much.
> > 
> > first i dont like doing the work of a pre commit check script,
> Does a pre-commit check script also check the commit message?

its possible to check them as well

> (I'm kind of of the opinion that this is not something which is properly
> the domain of automated checking to begin with, but I don't have good
> arguments to support it right now.)

to me it seems that its ideal to check for common misspellings ...

> > second iam a volunteer and having to reread doxygen comments 3 times
> > to spot 2/3 of these problems is not fun, i already reread them many
> > times to make them correct and comprehensible.
> Are you talking about comments you review, or comments you write?

ones i write

> I have also observed this "I don't give a damn" attitude, and it is
> frankly perhaps the least pleasant aspect of your personality I've
> noticed over the years on these lists. It reminds me somewhat of Uoti's
> attitude about adhering to the rules on declaration-before-statement
> code, except that his offense is actually prohibited by the rules
> whereas yours is just bad manners.
> Is it really the case that someone who's as good at code, and as capable
> of making himself understood in English, as you are is that incapable of
> internalizing small but critical things like capitalization, basic
> punctuation (I freely acknowledge that the advanced form, and the
> sentence organization and flow which go along with it, is a much more
> complicated matter), and a few fairly-specific spellings?

iam sure you will agree that there are many good developers who even
though they are capable to make themselfs understood in english, are
extreemly bad at english.
and i think you ll also agree that i dont capitalize and punctuate properly
normally, thus iam not used to it (and i certainly do not know the rules
how to do it properly either)

sure i dont claim that i take any effort to fix "dont" and similar normally
aka "i dont give a damn" because i dont see how they could affect readability
and because the result still contain enough errors so someone else will have
to fix it
but i do try to punctuate correctly, and i know iam failing.
but you are asking me here to "learn englsh properly" more than read through
it twice and put the dots there
also just in case anyone is curious, i dont capitalize and punctuate properly
in german either 

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