[DVDnav-discuss] Crashes when opening a .iso or .img that is incomplete

Janton Koster janton.koster at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 19:48:48 CEST 2011

I sometimes use VLC to play .iso or .img files i download.
Sometimes these files are not yet full downloaded but then VLC crashes, ok
not so strainge because the file is incomplete... but it bothers me that
it crashes. I will try to attach a small part of a incomplete iso/img.
I hope it's
simular, i used hjsplit to cut the first 10MB from a .iso . When i open
this file VLC also crashes, so i think it's the simular problem.

Ok i just uploaded the 10MB file here:

Assertion failure in libdvdnav.
I guess the problem is,  libdvdnav want's to load a navigation menu
that is not there (yet)
If i remove libdvdnav.dll from VLC install directory, i can watch the content..
Perhaps the same thing happends in Mplayer?

Is this something that could be fixed?

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