[DVDnav-discuss] dvdnav trust-ifo-cell (uifo) patch

Don Mahurin dmlist at openright.org
Sun Jan 11 05:42:31 CET 2009

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A few years ago I patched libdvdnav to rely on
the cell boundaries in the IFO file rather than cell changes in the
media stream.
The purpose for this was to allow custom user IFO's that could define a
custom movie sequence.
With this change, cell boundaries could be modified in an IFO, and the
video would still work even if the cell numbers were not updated
in the VOB's.
This patch to libdvdnav is very small. I just now updated the patch for
4.1.3, such that the change is off by default. (Off course I would
rather it be enabled by default...).

Could I ask that this patch be considered.
More information on "uifo" is below.



-Don Mahurin

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