[DVDnav-discuss] UDF2.50

Nico Sabbi nicola.sabbi at poste.it
Thu Sep 18 08:59:19 CEST 2008

Il giorno gio, 18/09/2008 alle 12.52 +0900, Jorgen Lundman ha scritto:
> Hello list,
> So as a status update to my progress.
> I think my patching is probably quite different from your average 
> libdvdread user, so there would probably too much work to include them 
> in mplayers repository. But they are all available on my public CVS 
> should someone else be seeking the same information.
> I have found the following patches needed;
> 1. Back-ported the DVDFileStat() functions so I can get VOB filesizes 
> more easily.
> 2. Added ExtFileInfo (262) support for UDF2.50
> 3. Added Filetype 250, which seems to be a homegrown re-direct block, 
> this enables libdvdread to process UDF2.50 images.
> 4. Unfortunately, libdvdread developers cheated an used "struct AD" both 
> for AD use, and to carry back file-size information. AD's Location 
> (number of blocks) is correctly 32bits, but filesizes in UDF are 64bit. 
> Since DVD images are always <= 1GB, this has not been a problem so far. 
> I updated "struct AD" to also have a 64bit value for filesize, which is 
> not the correct solution, but the one with the least changes.
> 5. Unfortunately, libdvdread developers cheated when reading AD's from 
> FileInfo data. It will parse them all, and return the last one found. 
> Again, because DVDs are <= 1GB, there is only one AD chained and hence, 
> no problem. For UDF2.50, and larger files, I needed extra patching to 
> fetch the correct chain. Not entirely sure how best to fix this yet.
> 6. Since I can't really parse BD-ISO with "domain, title, part", I 
> implemented opendir/readdir/closedir API functions. I used POSIX 
> extension dt_type for quick type testing, and hacked in dt_filesize to 
> save on stat() API calls. But perhaps, stat() should also be implemented.
> 7. Added DVDOpenFilename() to allow opening of a direct filename instead 
> of "domain, title, part".
> 8. DVDFileSize() will return very strange values, and I find it hard to 
> believe that it will ever return the correct number. (Generally only 
> used for .IFO files). Anyone actually used it?
> 9. Added dvd_input methods for popen()ing "unrar" allowing for direct 
> ISO access inside RAR storage container.
> That is all for now.
> Lund

and the patch is...?

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