[DVDnav-discuss] question regarding data coming from libdvdnav

Sergey 'Jin' Bostandzhyan jin at mediatomb.cc
Fri Nov 21 00:49:02 CET 2008


On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 12:26:25AM +0100, Nico Sabbi wrote:
> > can you post a title to reproduce this problem and the instructions to
> > generate the network stream?
> > 
> the .mpg file you provided me is as plain as I can imagine: no NAV 
> packets, no menus, only 1 timer reset.
> There's really nothing that can prevent any decent mpeg player to
> handle it.

Thanks for looking at it!

Doh.. that makes things more complicated.. I was hoping there would be something

> At what timestamp do you see the first problem?

I can only say the time that the player is printing on the TV, as I mentioned
in one of the previous posts I tried playing the stream twice. The first
time it crashed after about 34 seconds (0:0:34), the second time it crashed
after about 57 seconds (0:0:57).

The last theory that I have is, that maybe it is simply "too much" for the 
player in terms of the overall datarate? After all this file has 3 audio 
streams, 1 video stream and a number of subtittle streams. I'll try to
strip away the rest, leaving only one audio stream and one video stream and
I will see if the problem persists.

Btw, this leads me to another question, libdvdnav has a function called 
dvdnav_audio_language_select(), what exactly is it good for? This does not
alter the incoming data anyway, right?

Kind regards,

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